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We purchased my wedding set NEW and was able to customize the diamond I wanted for I kid you not, HALF the cost of what it would have been somewhere else! You wouldn’t believe the mark up at the high end jewlery stores and my rings have been appraised and are beautiful and worth MUCH more than what we paid! Don’t discount Siegel’s because they sell used jewlery, they also sell new and order in too! Shaelynn
The real jewelry store with great prices and awesome and staff with knowledge and ideas to help you .You can’t get any better than Siegals. Thanks, Deb Gilbert Deb G
They always have exceptional service with no hassles! They are there for me in a pinch. Josh H
My husband purchased my wedding set and my anniversary band and it is absolutely beautiful. For the money you can’t go wrong with Siegel’s Jewelry. Whenever I go in they are so pleasant and very helpful. I would recommend them to anyone. TSayasit
I traded my scrap gold and diamonds in and they gave me double what others were offering. Plus their prices were much less to begin with. Definitely give them a shot. Josh W.
We were visiting Paso for the week. When we saw this store was having a grand opening, we went in (when I say we, we meant 11 women all at once!). The Siegel’s team were at first taken aback, but then so accommodating and welcoming. Lovely store; lovely people. Quite a few of us bought pieces at very fair prices. Maybe its a good thing we don’t live too close…it would get very expensive! Jacqueline Davis Bremer
Ken and his staff are wonderful! My husband picked out the perfect ring for me so I returned the favor and got his ring from Ken too. Both of us receive compliments all the time on our wedding rings. Plus, the value and service are unbeatable! CyBritt